To maintain optimal comfort and strength, Pilates and Yoga are top of the Class!

I am often asked about exercise/flexibility/strength classes available in our area. And each time I end up looking through my little box of therapists cards, "What's on In and Around Alresford" and "Forum Magazine". How daft am I? So I figure if I go through these now, and list the names and numbers I can find and know of here, then life is simpler for you to have everything in one place (well, as much of everything as I have discovered so far!). If you know of someone not listed here, I would be so grateful if you would send me an email with their details to [email protected].

As with any therapy, the therapist is as important as the therapy. By that I mean you have to like the person, and enjoy the session. Ive just read an article in "Massage" Magazine that likened Amatsu massage therapy to the Great British Bake Off! And its true - just as no 2 bakers in that show will produce exactly identical cakes abet having the exact same ingredients and equipment available, no 2 therapists will provide the exact same practice, because no 2 bodies are the same and we each bring to the table our own areas of passion and expertise. So, I suggest, that you ask for a trial session with an exercise (gosh I hate that word), therapist, so you can get a feel for the sessions they provide before you commit to a terms blissful productive positive movement, or a term of sheer hell in the wrong class for you.

Enjoy your body, love it, nurture it and get to know what it actually can do with your attention and time!


Fazila Benoit

Hatha Yoga

01962 793859

Jane Watson

Feldenkrais method

[email protected]

01962 779295


Sally Hogg

Body Controll Pilates

[email protected]

07771 522665


Nirvana Spa

Bliss from £35, near Reading/Woking

0118 989 7500

Mobile Spa

Tanith Rowles Visiting Spa Service

[email protected]

01962 760084

07980 212297

Other exercise and movement


Wing Chun

07986 298283

T-Fit Inc ltd

Personal and group fitness training

07976 309854




01962 734127

[email protected]