What to expect at an appointment

I have a beautiful bespoke therapy room in my home in New Alresford, Hampshire. I want you feel welcome and comfortable. I have children, cats and dog, although neither are allowed in the therapy room ever, if you have allergies, I want you to be aware (especially to teenagers!!).

Before your first appointment, I need you to complete an online health and lifestyle assessment that I will email to you to ensure that I provide the safest and most effective session for you. It is also an opportunity to identify potential areas where a different therapy may be beneficial, and I can make professional recommendation to a variety of local therapists (links to these can also be found on the links page of this site). When addressing an issue, be that physical pain, restricted mobility, mental or emotional turmoil and distress, the assessment requires as much information as we can gather, taking into account your whole life experience. It may seem long, taking between 20 and 30 minutes for most people, but up to an hour for complex cases, but accepting the simple fact, your mind and body are just one person and can not be separated, and to resolve an issue means to understand the root cause, then you can understand the detail required. The human system is the most wonderful complete and self healing design - the problem is we live in a world where stress, medication, disharmony and trauma mean that our bodies can no longer self heal because we are no longer connected to or work with our bodies enough. 



An initial free, no obligation 15 minute phone call can be arranged so you can be sure that I am the right coach for you. Once you are happy to proceed, you will need to book 6 weekly or fortnightly sessions, ideally on the same day and time each week. This is the iLm protocol and has proven to produce the best results for you. Payment and booking of all 6 sessions in advance will give you a helpful reduction in cost too (£360)!   It is imperative that you make the commitment to keep to all of the prebooked sessions as the discounted cost is on those booked sessions.  I reserve the right to charge the usual £120 fee for cancellations or alterations, resulting in a further £20 being owed for every changed event out of respect for clients on the waiting list and my own time investment.

Once your sessions are confirmed and payment has been received, I will send you some more detailed information and a contract agreement which sets out each of our roles in the coaching relationship.  You will need to complete some information for me that can be emailed back 48 hours before our first session so that I have time to prepare the session appropriately for you. 

You will already know what it is that you want to achieve, the goal you are aiming for, and this will be the subject of our first session. You will need to make that goal very clear, and I will help you to do that. At each subsequent session, I will ask you want you want to do towards your goal, so be sure to think about it before your appointment. During the sessions, we will explore your options and reality of each, and every week, you will have something to do before the next appointment, that you will need to evidence.

Our 6th session together will be ensuring that you know what to do next, and we will evaluate the effect the process has had on you. At this time, should you wish, we can book you in for further sessions to address other issues that may have arisen during the course of our working together, and this extra session/s will be at the discounted rate. I will also invite you to give me a testimonial of your experience, for which I will be grateful, but future clients even more so as being able to hear other peoples story is so encouraging.


At your first session for physical therapies, we will talk about your health situation, and we can discuss what you are hoping to achieve from your sessions with me. You may want a simple pampering relaxation session; or rejuvenation of tired and fatigued legs; to address sore or painful muscles and joints; or you may battle with depression or suffer low mood or anxiety; have digestive or bladder discomfort, brain fog and poor concentration of memory; or not know exactly until we talk. I will come up with a plan for each session, and we can discuss how that feels to you. You are the boss! I am the expert in my therapies, but you are the expert in your body, and unless we work together, we are not going to get the best possible results.

I will then leave you to get undressed, comfortable and covered in soft towels on the massage table. I keep my therapy room very warm with soft lighting . When you are ready, I will re-enter the room and commence the session.

If you are having a Jikiden Reiki session, you remain fully clothed on the couch, with supported head and legs, and a warm blanket.

If lying down is an issue in itself, or if you just prefer seated massage, I have a massage chair thats really comfortable too. It works great for those who just want a back, neck and shoulder, or a head massage.

During the session, it is vitally important that you let me know if you feel chilly or too warm, and what the massage feels like to you. I know exactly what pressure feels like to my hands, but I have no idea how that pressure feels to your body. What one person feels as deep pressure, another may consider a tickle! If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any moment, tell me immediately because invariably, we can adjust the session to suit you better.

After your massage, I will leave you to rest and "set" the relaxation for a few moments until you are ready to get up. Some clients feel "spaced out", or light headed after the session, so it is important to get up slowly and get dressed gently. 

Once you are ready, I will come back into the room and we can discuss how you felt the session went, and I can let you know of any issues I have discovered that may need more work. We can make a plan for future sessions, which may be weekly if there is an acute problem, or it may be monthly or longer. It is important to me that you are comfortable with the frequency of the sessions, as well as ensuring that optimal benefit is achieved.

It is widely accepted that the more massage you have, the greater the benefit from each session is possible. You may come to me for an acute problem, but do consider that having a regular massage, even if it is just twice a year, may prevent that acute problem becoming painful and impinging on your life in the future.

After your massage, ideally you can take it easy for the rest of the day. Do not drink excessively, but take a good 1 to 2 pints more pure water to help flush out the toxins that the massage has released from your muscle fibers. If you do not help your body get rid of these toxins, you may feel groggy, and ultimately, the toxins will end up back in exactly the same place as before the session and there will be little benefit gained. With this in mind, if you suffer bladder weakness, it may be better to book a morning appointment so that you can finish the extra water well before bedtime! I will also talk to you about aftercare specific to our session at this point.

If you have any concerns or worries at any time before or after your session, do not hesitate to contact me by phone on 07780953143, or email using [email protected]