Gift certificates can be purchased HERE.

There are 8 lovely designs to choose from, including Fathers and Mothers day, Valentines, Christmas, Anniversary and Birthday. Ordering is simple, and you can preview the certificate before you confirm your purchase. The certificate can either be emailed to you, or the lucky person your giving it to! You don't need to print it - you can just show me on your phone when you use it if you prefer.

I also offer certificates that can be purchased in my clinic, which includes this beautiful bespoke card that has been specially created for Greenwood Therapies by Sam Cannon Art.  

Please note that "Gift Vouchers" and "Treatment Vouchers" Have slightly differing terms and conditions, as the latter are basically promotional items. See Bottom of the page for full details. Thank you.


I accept cheque, cash and cards.

Massage, Reiki, Body and Soft Tissue Work

Because of the holistic nature of my therapies, I charge the same fee regardless of which technique I use, as I frequently use a combination of practices. I also want to give the best outcome for every client, and do not want differing costs to restrict that.

£30 for 30 minutes

£50 for one hour

£80 for 90 minutes

£100 for two hours

Hair Analysis Test,

Test, including taking of sample and comprehensive assessment, full written report detailing vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food intolerances, organ function, gut health and much more:

Adult £65

Child (under age 14) £55

Further support, if required, at usual hourly rate.

Special Offers

  • First appointment just £50 including a medical assessment and lifestyle questionnaire.*
  • 10% discount to all service personnel with valid services card.*

  • Assistance given to students with valid student ID at the discretion of the therapist.*

  • Assistance given to those on low income who can produce a valid NHS exemption certificate with government official photo ID such as driving licence or passport the discretion of the therapist.*

  • Please talk with me if finances are an issue. I so totally believe in the therapies I offer that I will do everything I can to enable you to access Massage and Bodywork Therapies.

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Longer and group bookings on request.

Out of respect for regular clients and those in need of emergency treatment, a 24 hour notice of cancellation is required or the full appointment fee will be charged. Between 25 and 48 hours, half the session cost is payable. Payment can be made by BACS or cheque to be posted forthwith. Failure to comply may result in your details being circulated with other local professionals, which could mean you would have to pay a deposit to see anyone in the future, as is our professional right of protection and mutual therapeutic support for our loyal clients.

Raw organic skin food

For my clients, I create a bespoke 100% raw, organic and plant based body butter.

Using petroleum based products on your skin draws out vitamin E, which is essential for healthy skin, and the one I make is wonderfully nourishing, free from any petroleum, chemical, preservative, parabens, & hypo-allergenic. Using a blend of 4 plant and nut butters and frankinsense for its restorative properties and plesant fragrance, the skin food is easily absorbed and can be used on every inch of you, nose to toe! Many of my clients have discovered by using the skin food, that they no longer suffer from painful eczema, that psoriasis symptoms lessen, dry skin keeps moisturised and supple, and a lift in their mood from the frankinsence essential oil.

Lip pot £2.50

40g £5.00

80g £10.00

180g £20.00

Epsom Salts and Bicarbonate of Soda

I recommend bathing in Epsom Salts. This simple Magnesium Sulphate soak has many benefits to overall health as well as muscular comfort and ease. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin, boosting more than just relaxation. Click this link to learn more about the health benefits of Epsom Salts. A good guide to the quantity to use is between 250g and 500g of salts to an average sized bath tub, and soak for between 15-20 minutes. Add essential oil blends and Bicarbonate of soda to enhance the effect. For more informatino click here Bicarbonate of Soda bath. Use between 2 and 4 tablespoons per bath.

Please, always take 1-2 pints of water to drink while taking your soak, and rest for 5-10 minutes on your bed after your bath.

I also offer Himalayn mineral salts for bathing. Follow the same instructions as for epsom salt bath.

500g Epsom Salts £3

500g Bicarbonate of Soda £3

500g Himalayn mineral salts £5

Blended Aromatherapy oils suitable for massage and bathing

Presented in very stylish aluminium 200 ml bottles, these preblended aromatherapy massage oils are a great addition to your body care practice. They can be used in the bath as well as for massage, so add a punp or two to your Epsom Salt soak to leave your skin feeling even more soft and silky, as well as more relaxed or energised or detoxed or....!

200ml bottle in stylish aluminium pump can £14

Detox: to assist with elimination of toxins, cellular regeneration and cellulite reduction by improving circulation with Patchouli, Juniper, Orange and Grapefruit essential oils.

Tranquillity: for those who want to drift into heady relaxation with Lavender, Frankincense and Sandalwood essential oils.

Energy: an uplifting blend of Bergamot, Eucalyptus and Thyme with balancing Lavender essential oils.

Arnica: for over stressed sore painful muscles

Tired Muscles: and stressed minds benefit from this blend

Bulgarian Rose Water: for facial massage to re-balance, re fresh and rejuvenate the skin.

Spiritual Sky Incense sticks

Create a beautiful pure environment for you home body care practice with incense sticks. Having tried many different brands, I have found that Spiritual Sky offer the best value and most appealing fragrances.

Pack of 20 sticks, in various fragrances £3

A number of private healthcare insurance providers offer policies that cover complementary therapies, such as Bupa, Health Shield, LAYA Healthcare, Paycare, UK Healthcare and Westfield Health. Please discuss with your insurance company to ensure that they are happy for you to see me, as I am on the accredited register of the FHT. I do not however have a relationship with any insurance providers.

Terms and Conditions of vouchers and offers for Greenwood Therapies.

In most cases, unless stated otherwise, only one offer may be used at any one session. Exceptions to this are the military, low income and student discounts, where one other special offer may be applied. Under certain circumstances, Greenwood Therapies reserve the right to make a judgement, and may allow a combination, but this is very rare and the therapists decision is final. Greenwood Therapies are firm believers in "Don't ask, Don't get", but expect to be treated with respect when a decision is made. Failure to respect the decision will immediately result in all offers being withdrawn, and possible removal of the client from our client list.

*Not applicable to home visits.

Gift Vouchers can be used in a variety of ways, including as part payment for products and services if they do not cover the full amount required. The value is determined by the length of time a session is written for as displayed above in the prices (many people who make the purchase of the voucher request that the amount paid is not stated on the voucher).

The first appointment discount (normally 20%) is not valid with the use of a voucher, the full session price will be taken regardless of a first or subsequent visit.

The individual taking the massage does however get the session taken counted towards the loyalty scheme, as stated in the offers section on this page.

A Treatment Voucher has not been paid for, and has been provided as a donation or gift by Greenwood Therapies. This may be for a charitable organisation or part of a promotion. In this case the voucher entitles the client to the massage session specified, and the voucher can not be split or used to purchase products from Greenwood Therapies. It can however be boosed by the client to a longer session upon the client paying for the aditional time. The massage session is counted towards the loyalty scheeme as described in the offers section on this page. While every attempt will be made to see the client at their requested time, priority has to be given to full paying clients in order for Greenwood Therapies to continue as a business. Failure to do so would result in Carol having to find another source of income, no longer being able to help and heal people in the way she does now, and we respectfully ask that you respect this.

Subject to change without warning, check with Greenwood Therapies for current status on 07780953143

Information provided here is aimed to be up to date at any given time, but no promise is made to this effect.