Myofascial Release Technique (MFT)


This is one of my favorite practices, which can have profound effects of the body and mind. No oil is used, pressure is generally light and usually experienced as soothing (although in certain cases, specific practices need to be included such as skin rolling which can cause some minor temporary sensation, followed by release). It works by encouraging re-hydration of the fascia, the connective tissues associated with muscular action and definition. Once the fascia is hydrated, it is able to move and serve all its other functions freely once more.

The biggest problem with myofascial release techniques is in explaining it! Until relatively recently in medical terms, the fascia was considered unimportant and anatomy was only studied once the fascia had been stripped away and discarded. Lucky for us, some bright sparks decided to take a second look at the stuff, and through the incredible advances in scientific research and equipment, we now know a lot more about the biggest organ in the human (and probably every animals), body.

  • We now know that fascia is a diverse morphic fibrous fluid elastic conductive and responsive matrix. Yup! That is one heck of a mouthful!
  • It is a complex system, transmitting information faster than nerves could possibly transfer the electrical impulses - the speed of electricity is way slower than light, which is how fascia supports cellular communication, like fiber optic cables. 
  • It also enables physical transport of micro-nutrients and hormones in its liquid cellular structure. It is a fluid, when its happy and hydrated. 
  • It is critical for movement, working like an elastic band. We now know that walking, for example, is less about muscles working as was understood until the 2010's and more about the elastic potential of fascia being discharged and re-captured, like an elastic band!
  • It holds us together in the shape we are, supporting all our other tissues like a spongy bouncy castle. Well, sort of!
  • It also holds memories. Not just the very helpful and useful muscle memory that helps us to walk without thinking about it, or drive without the exhausting array of complex assessments and movements required to maneuver a vehicle safely from A to B. It also holds sadness, loss, fear, anxiety, pain, depression, mental distress, stress and trauma. By working with the fascia on an intuitive level, those memories can be metabolized and transformed, leaving space for higher frequency experiences to take their place. Memories that nourish the mindbody and soul.

So What is Myofascial Release Good for?

It can help with such a board range of issues encompassing the whole mindbody experience. 

Using formal Advanced Myofascial Technique methods, issues such as frozen shoulder can be alleviated unlike any other bodywork system I have come across. I have worked on conjunction with osteopaths and canriosacral therapists to open up an individuals body, creating space for alignment therapies to better re-balance and then better hold the corrections.

Scar tissue, both on the visible surface as well as deep cutaneous and organic scars and adhesion can also be softened, minimized and released.

On the mental/emotional/spiritual side, flowing with intuitive movements can help release the physical memory of past negative experiences, allowing the individual to more easily move past the blocks and often time, physical manifestations of the past stressors, to a more positive experience with improved physical and mental health. Trigger points often follow the energy meridians used for centuries in Asian health practices, and I am drawn to make contact with these potentially anywhere over your body. 

If you would like to explore is this therapy is what you are looking for and feel a chat with me would be helpful, do book a free, no-obligation phone call with me by visiting my booking page, or clicking here. John Barnes, "father" of MFT talks about how his journey was evolved to sharing this blend on ancient and new science. John Barnes talks more about how MFT works. A general definition from Wikipedia. This is a youtube clip of fascia for those who want to see the connective tissue that covers every cell in out body in a continuous and interrupted web.