Manual Lymphatic Drainage

In the modern world of high stress and constant assault of environmental toxins and a sedentary lifestyle, our bodies need more support to clear the toxins and waste from our systems. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a very effective and gentle system of supporting your bodies natural ability to cleanse and detox. 

Our bodies are designed with constant movement in mind, and totally chemical free living. The products we use on our bodies (deodorants, creams, fragrance, make up and so on), enter our systems through our skin, and the body can have a tough time eliminating these. Add to that the treatments our food receives in terms of fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, weed killers and antibiotics, and we are beginning to resemble toxic soup in side. Glyphosate (roundup), is absolutely everywhere, even certified organic foods, because it is water soluble and has entered the worlds water systems. (traces are even found at the North and South Poles, no where is glyphosate free). And then we look at the air pollutants of petrochemicals, air freshers, cleaning products, air conditioning... Our internal would takes on a hue of toxic sludge. If you then finally add the effects of constant background stress, EMF's (ElectroMagneticFields), our poor bodies will be totally overloaded, and quality of life depleted as well as shortened life expectancy.

Manual Lymphatic drainage is a formal system of stimulation to the lymphatic drainage system, to boost and support detoxification of our internal world. It is a crucial part of improved wellbeing and health, because if your body is chock full of rubbish, even the best nutrition will be unable to get to where its needed. By improving our internal hygiene, people report improved sleep and relaxation, weight loss as the inflammation is lessened or eliminated entirely, better mental focus, clarity and a sense of peace and calm, reduction in symptoms of chronic illness and an improved immune response meaning we fight off illness quicker, even before it takes a hold.

No oil is used, and light touch in the form of stroking and rocking the skin stimulates the delicate lymphatic drainage system to clear its self and clean out more toxins trapped in and between your cells.