I want to share links to other sites that have been helpful to me, and may well assist you in your journey to improved health and well being. Some links are to professional body's with who I am associated, others to local therapists practicing different complementary therapies, a section are to research articles and finally others to credit the individuals who have helped me, and may well interest you!

As a start, I reccomend downloading f.lux to make sure your computer isn't keeping you awake at night. Click this link to find out what it is and why! F.Lux - a free app you can download which automatically alters the light emitted from computers late at night.


Masses of evidence that using screens late at night can cause sleep disruption, more and more important for those with hectic and stressful lives but also during this exam season ......


Massive thanks to Cathy Hutton of Hutton Homeopathy for sharing this information with me! 

Local Complementary Therapists

Click to see links to a variety of local therapists in many disciplines from Acupuncture to Reiki. Most are with my personal recommendation, or at the very least, good reports from my clients.

Professional Bodies

This link is to all the professional bodies I am registered with. You can then see what the CNHC is all about for example, and check I really am accredited with the recognised professional bodies I say I am. You can also see the Professional Codes of Conduct to which I am bound, as well as a host of other very interesting and useful information about a host of complementary therapies, including Massage and Body Work Therapies.

Research Articles

There are a host of research articles that quantify the benefits of massage therapy. There are so many that I will in time need to create sub headings in order to make searching for specific massage disciplines or health problems that are helped can be found more easily - but for now - they are just linked here in no particular order!

Great People!

This is my thank you to the supports and supplies that help to make Greenwood Therapies the best Massage Therapy provider around! From the gifted artist who creates my bespoke birthday and gift cards, the supplier of my oils and to the wonderful Jenni who helped create this site to name but a few to who I wish to bestow my deepest gratitude and eternal thanks and love.

Reading and book list!

There are many wonderful books that may help you reach greater well being, so I have started a reading list here of some of the books that have had a profound effect on me. I am always on the look out for books that can furhter expand my mind and share with others, so if you have any suggestions, please please please take a moment to email me! Greatly appreciated. Carol x