Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you available?

My present hours of business are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

How do I book?

Use the Book Appointment page, which will take you to an accurate diary of the days and times I have available. You are welcome to pay by card at the time of booking, or to bring the apropriate fee in cash or a cheque with you to your appointment,

What if I have to re-schedule an appointment?

Please give me 48 hours notice, out of respect for my other clients.

Between 24 and 28 hours, I reserve the full right to charge half the session cost, and 24 hours or less, the full session fee. Please see my cancellation and late attendance policy's for full details.

Is Carol Qualified?

I have a BSc in nursing, and diplomas in Holistic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage, Manual Lymphatic Massage, Myofacial Release Massage and Jikiden Reiki, Life, Pure and Wellbeing coaching. For more information please visit the About Me page.

Is Carol insured?

I am covered by both professional indemnity and personal liability insurances under the FHT insurance. My certificates are on display at Marbles.

What is the the accredited register?

The FHT accredited register is to Complementary Therapists what the General Medical Council is to Doctors. Registration means that extremely high standards of both initial and ongoing training are met, along with a strict code of conduct and clear policies are followed to ensure that the client is always receiving the best possible care at all times. It is the only body with UK Government backing. Carol has been registered since January 2013. For more information visit

What about data protection and the ICO?

Carol is registered with the Information Commissioners Office to ensure her records are kept correctly and secure. For more information see my privacy policy and visit

What is the FHT?

The Federation of Holistic Therapist is a professional governing body, membership of which is only achievable by meeting strict professional criteria. They are also able to assist the public to find an accredited holistic therapist of any discipline. For more information see

How can I pay?

There is facility to securely pay by credit or debit card at the time of booking. Payment is processed by Stripe, who have an examplary record. I also accept cash and cheques at the time of appointment. 

Which massage is right for me?

Some clients know exactly which therapy they are looking for, while others know what they want to feel like after. You are invited to book a free, no-obligation phone call with me to discuss further if you wish through my Book Appointment page. At the beginning of each appointment for bodywork and soft tissue therapies,  I will ask you what you hope to achieve and between us, we will decide on the right combination for your needs.


As a therapist, I know what pressure feels like to my hands, and what temperature I am feeling, but I have no idea what it feels like to you! I need your feedback during the session to ensure I am delivering the massage you want. I may suggest we try firmer pressure with some knots, but I will never exceed your comfort zone, and will work with you, at your speed, to achieve your goals.

It is also of vital importance that you feel safe and comfortable in all appointments, both online and in-person, and I rely on your honesty should you not feel so.

Do you always use oils massaging?

I usually use organic plant oils for most massage techniques. With Swedish massage, liberal oil is used to enable smooth flowing strokes, but with deep tissue, I need a little more "grip" and will use different (thicker oils like avocado), or less oil. For Myofascial work, no oil is used, and can be completed through clothes if you feel uncomfortable with skin to skin touch. I have both scented and plain oils to suit your requirements. For nut allergy sufferers, I also have nut fee oils. I also offer a range of Aromatherapy pre-blended oils to enhance detoxification, relaxation, or energizing massage therapy sessions. For head massage I don’t usually use oils at all.

Do you use a special table?

I have a massage table that has a face hole and soft fleecy cover for warmth which can be boosted with the under heat pad. I use hygienic paper towel to cover the table and fresh towels for each client. 

 For clients who find lying flat uncomfortable, I can use cushions and supports, or my massage chair.

For clients suffering dementia or with physical restrictions, I can adapt the session to suit. I must protect my spinal health above all else, and request that you respect my judgement as how best to proceed in more challenging situations.

DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS, this information may not be relevant at this time. Please see my COVID policy for what to expect in terms of soft surfaces etc.

Should I bathe before or after massage?

I request that you bathe before massage. If you are having an aromatherapy massage, it is recommended that you wait for 24 hours before taking a bath or shower so that the oils’ benefit has time to work. If you have long hair, I have clips to hold your hair as far away form the oils as possible, but I can’t guarantee there will be no oil in your hair after a session, so hold off the hair appointment till after I've seen you!

Can I eat and drink before and after massage?

I will not treat anyone who appears intoxicated, and recommend that you do not drink alcohol after your massage as we will have released toxins trapped in the muscle fibers into your system – drinking can make you feel really bad and cause your kidneys a lot of stress. Eating a large or rich meal prior to a session may result in you not feeling comfortable during the massage, but is not medically contra-indicated.

Why do you not call you massage therapy a treatment?

I must comply with the Advertising Standards Authority, who prohibit most complementary therapies using the word "treatment".