DENS Therapy

DENS-Therapy, Dynamic ElectroNeuroStimulation Therapy, is non-drug treatment method. It is entirely without side effects, and the only contraindications are a pacemaker or individual intolerance of electric current. 

The practice of DENS therapy is similar to Chinese acupuncture. Treatment is about getting to the root cause of the symptoms, without needles! So your body gets the right stimulation and support to heal its self, just like it was designed to do before we had so much stress wreaking havoc with our lives and our health. It focuses on the same energy centers and heals the same systems, just using transdermal electroneural stimulation, rather than the needles that the ancients had - if they had batteries and this machine, acupuncturist may not have become a thing!

The stimulation is applied through a hand held device called the DENAS 6 at Greenwood Therapies. The treatments last between 15 and 60 minutes, depending upon the symptom, diagnosis, and the effect as felt by yourself. The sensation felt by the client ranges from nothing, through a soft pleasant buzz, and can be increased to a clear tingling feeling in the directly affected area. 

Studies on the efficacy have been carried out in over 200 independent and medical research institutions since 1999.

Pain can be eliminated or at very least, significantly reduced. range of motion increases. Treatment helps with such a wide range of issues, including but not limited to chronic pain, eye and sight issues, bloating and digestive problems (including allergies - I have yet to experience this myself, but the research is there!), gynae problems, headache including complex headaches, skin diseases, arthritis, tendinitis, dental issues.infections (chest, bladder, teeth), neuralgia, fatigue, brain fog, stress... basically, its verging on snake oil! except the research demonstrates its not a con, so its no snake oil that I am offering here.

Personal experience has shown improvements in mobility, pain reduction, recovery from skin irritation and keratosis pilaris (rough bumpy skin of upper arms and thighs usually), menstrual cramps and irregular cycles, tendinitis, scar tissue of skin and scar thickening of tendons resulting in pain and reduced mobility, cricked necks and painful lower backs, sore upper back and shoulders. Results are clear within an hour, but may need up to 3 sessions a week for a week or 2 to get right on top of them for more chronic issues.

I am presently playing with the possibility that it really can assist visual function. Over the last 4 years, my eyesight has been hit hard by the knock on effect of ME/CFS and fybromyalgia. My prescription is increasing quicker than 2 yearly intervals by quite some speed. So I am guinnipiggin' myself, just in the left eye, to see what difference this makes. I know that usually, by around 5pm, I need my glasses to read the recipe book to cook supper, and its annoying because I never know where my glasses are! That means meals are getting "inventive". So I figure, practicing the techniques just on one eye will prove that its not a different cause when my eyesight improves in just the left eye, right? If both improve, then it will be because my daily self care has superpowered some how or that perhaps returning to practice is all my sight needs to keep it sharp... I will keep you posted here, and I can see (spot the pun), me needing to treat my right eye on next few months or I'll be breaking my glasses in half to be able to see!!

DENS therapy is safe and beneficial as an add on to other therapies such as medication, surgical, soft tissue work and complementary health practices. It has proven to show between 25 and 98% improvement across the board of symptoms and remissions of chronic ailments.

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