Coaching Is Not Just For Elite Athletes!

When you know what you want, but you don't know how to achieve it, or maybe you do you know, but don't somehow quite manage to get there, that is one example of when coaching is probably your best chance of success.

  • When you have a dream, but want it to be real, this is an example of how coaching can help you get your life out of your dreams, and into your every day.
  • When you realise that you don't really feel "well", and you don't know why... coaching can help you identify the often well hidden and elusive obstacles in your way, and what is the best way for you to move past the blocks to a more positive and rewarding life.
  • When you know your a good person, but life keeps dumping on you, try coaching to find out why thats happening, and find your own perfectly tailor made way out of the ruts your life has been stuck in.
  • Lost a loved one and finding it difficult or painful at any stage afterwards? Coaching might be the answer.
  • Wanting to make a lifestyle change, be that giving up smoking or just eating healthier, and you know despite all the effort and determination you have applied to that goal in the past, it just hasn't worked, yet you still want to win this battle? Guess what! Try  coaching!
  • Repeating the same failed relationships, find out why and work out how to never have to go through it again through coaching.

There are an infinite number of reasons individuals have turned to coaching, and an infinite number of solutions. It is through working with a qualified iLm coach that you can find your reasons, your solutions, in your time frame to achieve your goals, to make your dreams reality, to stop living your shadow life and step into your true glorious light.

I offer a run of 6 weekly or fortnightly individual and totally personalized coaching sessions. To make sure that I am the right coach for you, I offer an free, no obligation phone chat initially, where we can explore your options and you can get a feel for how coaching will support your future. It takes more than an hour to unravel the complex reasons we have difficulty getting what we want, so I don't offer less than 6 sessions to address any issue, because it would be a waste of your money to do so. If it was was as easy as a couple of hours chat, you'd have sorted it out already.

If you need a few more sessions than 6, we can add those on at the end before your last session and I will continue the group booking hourly rate, but most of my clients have either reached their goals, or have a really exciting and realistic road map of how to get the rest of the way if its a long term goal. Otherwise, additional ad-hock sessions are full price.

Included with the appointed weekly or fortnightly sessions, you are welcome to contact me via email to [email protected] once between sessions if you need to for any reason. I will spend a maximum of 15 minutes responding as it is important to keep to the proven system of iLm pure, business, life and wellbeing coaching, and email is no substitute to the conversation we have during our sessions.

Sessions can be conducted on line using Zoom or in person in my clinic in Alresford. (Zoom is a video conferencing platform that is free to download and easy to install and use.) The exciting thing about online sessions, is that you can be anywhere in the world, so long as you can get signal, we can work together! With the present pandemic, it also means that COVID guidelines cant get in the way of your personal development, so there is always some good news here!

I have had a client who would never have considered coaching as a possible solution to their issues until they were given a gift voucher for their birthday by their partner. Having completed 6 sessions, with the goal of using their weekends to be creative, they discovered that they had developed better coping strategies at work, improved their family relationships, taken control of their diet, and not only just enjoyed painting at the weekend, but had also created a website to sell their creative pieces on line!  That was in just 12 weeks.

I have coached someone who dreamed of earning £1,500 a month from their part time business with a view to making it full time, but feared they were being unrealistic. By the end of our 6 week course of coaching, they were already earning £3,000 a month and had given up their PAYE job.

Another client, with a life long issues of bloating and sever constipation and came to me wanting to avoid surgery, discovered that her hidden childhood beliefs about food had been the reason she couldn't stick to healthful eating. Within 6 weeks, her tummy problems were resolved, and her arthritis improved, and 6 months later, remain in remission. She had also manged to work with her family so they took on some of the household chores, and in such a way, that they were happy to help out more. With the time no longer spent chasing around after her husband and daughter, she was able to practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis, a bonus she never even dreamed of. Which meant that she had time to spend with her children, and because she was able to give herself care, she was much nicer to spend time with! All within 6 weeks.

Coaching has been a vital tool in my own life, helping me to create a clear road map to create the holistic health practice of my dreams all those years ago, and more recently, it was instrumental to my recovery from CFS and Fybromyalgia. It never ceases to amaze me that we can all attain the life we want when we have the courage and expert support and guidance to shine a light on our hidden limiting beliefs, and then find the best way as individuals, to change the beliefs in such a way that it is easy and painless. 

As your coach, I know that the problem is rarely the problem. I know that all the answers to all the questions you may have, are already available to you, you just need a little help. You just need to look in a different place for them, so trust me, and I will help you. As a certified Coach, I have the tools that can unlock your potential. You will come up with the right way of doing things for you, and if you get stuck, I can help ease your way out and back onto the road you have already mapped out in our sessions towards the dreams, the goals, the targets that you want.

To book your free, no obligation 15 minute call, click here, and start your journey to the best you that you can be.