My name is Carol, and I have been using therapeutic touch in professional settings since I was 14 years old.

At secondary school I started working at a local school and respite centre for children with severe physical and mental disabilities. During my A-level years I worked with victims of stroke at a local centre. With both these voluntary posts, therapeutic touch and massage were key to improving quality of life.

In Philadelphia USA, where I lived for a while following higher education, I worked in an international school for the blind, giving students from all over the world the skills to live more independently and compete with the greater population for careers and life chances that would otherwise not be open to them.

Returning to London, having attained my Diploma in Adult Nursing at University College London in 1994, I continued my caring career. I

have worked as a nurse in the NHS and Private sectors, in the community, in hospital settings and GP practices. As Senior Sister running the Occupational Health Department at Frimley Park Hospital I found that the higher I rose in nursing, the further away I was from direct patient care, and by mid 2000, I had to find a way back to giving that one to one care. I trained under ITEC for a diploma in Holistic Massage, and left nursing for good in 2008.

I am a single mother of two amazing children, and my working life is designed to fit around my family’s needs. I work from home because not only does this work best for me, but I find that I can create an atmosphere more conducive to relaxation and healing this way. My domestic therapy room is a safe and beautiful space, created solely for the purpose of enhancing the effects of the therapy session. It is ground floor, so it does not pose a mobility issue, and parking is on my drive to further facilitate ease of access. I do have a step into my property, but thus far, wheel chairs have not been inhibited by this. I do hope to get a ramp made soon to make it even easier. I also offer home visits at the weekends to those who are unable to travel to me. These visits are not for those for whom travel to me is possible, and I respectfully request that where possible, my clients come to me for treatment. This is to preserve the health my my body, as carrying my equipment is not light work!

I am often asked how often I have massage, and to be honest, not often enough! . I have a therapy session most months, be that Craniosacral, Matrix, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki, Bowen, Crystal therapy, Indian Head massage, aromatherapy - the list goes on but you get the gist! I practice what I preach, that self care is vital, especially if like most people there is someone in your life who needs you too. Even taking regular time to take a long relaxing bath is self care - time for nothing but you, and I can not tell you how important it is that we all take this time! Try my soothing healing bath salts to enhance and optimize that bathing experience.

I carry out every session as holistically as possible - I bring in my knowledge and expertise of health and wellbeing to enhance your health in every direction. To this end, I also sell creams, and epsom salts, For more information visit my prices page by clicking here.

Jikiden Reiki - I have completed my Shoden and Okuden training including Ketsueki Kokan Ho (kekko), and I am registered with the Jikiden Reiki Institute of Japan as a full practitioner. I can't turn Reiki off, so the universal energy will flow. As I practice daily and have regular Reju, it can do nothing but get stronger! I offer Reiki sessions to Every client from now on will receive some Reiki, a healing energy for body, mind and soul, as well as full pure Jikiden Reiki appointments.

As well as running Greenwood Therapies, a full time business, and being mum to my 2 teenagers, having 2 cats and a dog, I have also run the Federation of Holistic Therapists Local Support Group for the last 4 years. It is now time for me to hand over the group to a colleague and it has moved to Winchester. This sounds terribly dour - but it is anything but! The group is run to help educate and support not just therapists, but anyone with an interest in complementary health, sports and beauty therapies. Details of our meetings can be found here on

AND! so that I don't get bored, I am also and Ambassador for the FHT, promoting the work and services that my professional body carry out to support and protect the public and therapists who meet our exacting standards. You will find me at local events such at the Alresford Watercress Festival, colleges and schools that teach any of the disciplines, and hopefully at some point, I will be finally be invited into allopathic (G.P. practices and hospitals), health providers to educate them as to the therapies on the accredited register - the one I mention on my home page - the one endorsed by the department of health! Exciting stuff! Well, it is for me anyway!!

I also work occasionally at the local pub, because its fun and helps out my friends, the landlord and his team. Good to keep somethings closer to the average normal!

Whilst I consider myself very experienced, I am forever learning both formally and informally. Every individual client I see teaches me more about the unique and diverse nature of the human body, and I regularly work with other therapeutic professionals, sharing information and practice methods. I have a mutual mentor and we regularly meet up to share experiences and I also regularly attend workshops and formal learning institutions to develop and broaden my scope of expertise. In early 2013, I completed a diploma in Hot and Cold Stone Massage Therapy (under the magnificent instruction of Sanet Holder of in London). I have completed diplomas in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Myofacial Release Technique in 2014 (under Jan Wolsey of Brighton Massage ) 2015 saw me training in Advanced Myofascial Release Technique under Til and am considering Energy Healing, Seated Massage, so many more skills to absorb!

Jikiden Reiki training under Debbie Cook sensei (

My professional training and experience give me a unique insight and position that I am happy to exploit, and that facilitates a truly holistic approach to health and well being.

"I love my work, and cannot wait to see you and begin to work towards a healthier you."

Carol Greenwood